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Shame on the Opposition Parties

   Posted by: Phil    in Canadian Politics, Political

Mr. Dion, Mr. Layton and M. Duceppe … shame on you.

I did not realize that the Canadian taxpayer support each part at $1.75 per vote. What is even more upsetting is your sense of entitlement to this money. To be frank, if your political cause (party) cannot raise money and be supported at the grass roots level then it does not have the right to siphon Canadian taxpayer dollars. We do not get a better democracy because of this and it must end. Kudo’s to you Mr. Harper to end this type of taxpayer abuse.

What I find even more offensive is that (my) Canadian tax dollars are being directed to a party that sole purpose is the breakup of Canada. I am proud that we live in a country that allows the freedom of speech and thought but I do not appreciate that the Bloc get taxpayer dollars. It tough enough that they get time on national debates when they are not a national party … but that’s another topic.

You have all been elected by the people of Canada. Unfortunately our parliamentary system is an adversarial type system BUT you need to somehow figure out how to govern this country TOGETHER. We can ill-afford the cost of another election at these time … however, if you do bring the current government down, I am sure the Canadian voters would send a Conservative majority back to Ottawa punishing the selfish

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