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Mr. Ignatieff
First let me extend my congratulations to you on your recent appointment to Leader of the Liberal Party. I’ll be honest, without the support of a leadership convention, it doesn’t seem to be to democratic to me but congratulations, anyway. I am not affiliated with any specific party and have included Mr. Cummins since he is my elected representative.
I am writing to you because of a recent comment you made. It has me concerned as to the direction Canada may take in the coming days and months. The comment was related to a coalition the included the Bloc. I believe you stated the Bloc are Canadians. While that may technically be true but I don’t think that’s what they feel in their heart.
My understanding of the Bloc’s platform is to establish a sovereign Quebec. That sounds to me like they are Quebecer’s first and are focused on Quebec interests alone, not Canada’s. The Bloc are not a national party and really shouldn’t be allowed to even participate in National election debates but that’s a different issue.
I am okay with coalition governments. I have always felt that the elected officials should all work together for the common interest of Canadians. We have an opposition party that immediately puts our elected officials at odds against each other. I think a coalition government with the Bloc means that we would 50 individuals holding Canada hostage always wanting to know what in it for Quebec rather than the greater good for Canada. 
Oh and saying the Conservatives tried to do the same thing doesn’t mean it’s right. They were wrong then as well. At no time should separatists have a controlling part in the Canadian government.

Please consider what’s best for Canada as you move forward into the upcoming Parliamentary session. We face enough challenges as Canadians. We are fortunate the governments we have had in the past (Liberal and Conservative) have put us in a position that we have not felt the wrath of the recession as bad as other countries. Continue to work on strengthening Canada.
Thanks for your time.

Phil Hoskins, a proud Canadian
Delta, BC
Delta-Richmond East

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