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Eat Xocai Cookies for Your Health

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The Surrey Xocai X Powerhouse Chocolate Chip Cookie is the kind of Vancouver healthy chocolate cookie you would make yourself if you had the time. MXI Corps.’ Xocai cookie is a tasty blend of nutritious ingredients without the bad stuff found in the best-selling Langley cookies. Let’s compare:

Chips Ahoy

Richmond compare Chips Ahoy White Flour, semisweet chocolate chips (sugar, chocolate, dextrose, cocoa butter), soy lecithin, sugar, partially hydrogenated soybean oil, high fructose corn syrup, leavening, salt, whey, natural and artificial flavors, caramel color.


Richmond compare Oreo Sugar, white flour, semisweet chocolate, high oleic canola oil and/or palm oil and/or canola oil, cocoa (processed with alkali), high fructose corn syrup, cornstarch, leavening, salt, soy lecithin, vanillin – an artificial flavor.

Xocai X Powerhouse Cookie

Richmond compare Xocai X Powerhouse Cookie Whole wheat flour, brown rice syrup, high-antioxidant blend (natural cocoa, acai and blueberry powders), brown sugar, glycerine, crystalline fructose, high oleic sunflower oil with tocopherol (to preserve freshness), water, dark chocolate drops (dehydrated cane juice, unsweetened chocolate, cocoa butter, lecithin, vanilla) ,fiber blend (cellulose, soluble cocoa fiber, oat bran), plum juice concentrate, natural flavors, baking powder, molasses powder, lecithin, xanthan gum, monoglycerides with ascorbic and citric acids (antioxidants), Saigon cinnamon, ground nutmeg.

Delta snack foods can be dangerous to your health. If you are like me, you pop cookies into your mouth without thinking and mindlessly eat chips while watching TV. Even one serving of conventional Surrey chocolate cookies or chips can contain more fat than a sensible meal. Keep X Powerhouse cookies on hand so you have something satisfying, nutritious, and delicious to grab when you need a quick snack. And don’t forget to put them in your kids’ lunch boxes. An X Powerhouse cookie may be the healthiest thing they eat all day. All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them — Walt Disney!

Phil Hoskins
entrpreneur and investor in the human spirit

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    Vancouver Hot Job In one of his always-insightful messages, Dan Martin, Xocai Vice President of distributor relations emphasized an important fact : Vancouver Direct Marketing Businesses do well in economic downturns.

    (I quote from his message with a few minor additions to personalize it for my readers):

    The majority of today’s Vancouver workforce is on the brink of economic collapse, living paycheck-to-paycheck, BC retirement funds dwindling or gone, and wishing they were self-employed. Langley people can’t afford to tell their Richmond employer, “That’s it, I’m done.”

    But our industry is booming in BC! Direct selling is one of the few business models that do well in Delta in economic downturns. Your efforts are what allow you to break free from the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle, set realistic retirement goals, and answer only to yourself.

    I am sure you don’t need Dan Martin to remind you of the barren Delta economic landscape. I was feeling uneasy about my Delta professional future when I took a risk and started my own Vancouver Xocai antioxidant chocolate business.

    It wasn’t necessarily a financial risk, Xocai has low start-up costs for Richmond and Surrey weight-loss chocolate entrepreneurs. It was more of a psychological risk. I had to believe that Langley home-based antioxidant chocolate business success is possible.

    Fortunately, my healthy chocolate business got off the ground quickly. (That’s not surprising; I sell healthy chocolate to Vancouver antioxidant chocolate lovers.) Early success with short-term goals builds the confidence to reach long-term financial goals.

    Let’s talk about your financial future. My number is 604.943.8598 and my email address is


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      Delta BC Xe Drinkers Love Healthy Energy

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      Vancouver Antioxidant Energy Drink The Xocai Xe Energy Drink is winning Delta energy drink fans every day. These are the types of feedback I get from my Vancouver healthy chocolate drink customers:

      “After getting the kids up and ready for school, putting in eight hours at work and then commuting in Richmond rush hour traffic, I used to come home and crash at 7:00. Dinner was usually fast food. Now that I drink an Xe after lunch, I can come home, make a nutritious dinner, help the kids with homework and sometimes even do an hour on the treadmill while I watch my favorite show. Xe has given me back my evenings.”

      “I have been drinking Surrey energy drinks for six years. I have tried every major Langley energy drink and many niche brands. I finally find one that delivers steady energy—not a jolt followed by a sudden crash. I’ll never go back to Monster or Rock Star now that I have tried Xocai’s Xe.”

      “I can’t get going in the morning. I used to pull up to the Vancouver Starbucks or Beans and Brews every day on my way to my Vancouver office and then drink cup after cup of break room coffee until lunch. The only thing I like as much as the taste of coffee is the taste of chocolate. Now, I keep Xe on hand at my Surrey home and work. One drink gives me more energy than three cups of coffee—with no jitters.”

      To try Xe, call me at 604.943.8598. I am Phil Hoskins, your source for all things Xocai.

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        Delta Home-Based Business Almost anyone in Delta can take raw cacao, ferment it, alkalize it, emulsify it, add a generous amount of sugar and milk and concoct a great-tasting chocolate treat. (It helps, of course, if you live in Cote d’Ivoire and grow cacao trees.)

        In fact, the billion-dollar chocolate market is built on hundreds of chocolate producers and millions of chocolate consumers like almost everyone I know in Vancouver.

        Unfortunately, traditional chocolate like the Delta offerings of Cadbury, Godiva, Nestle’s, and Hershey’s is full of bad stuff for your body. The Vancouver men, women and children who are popping M&Ms like popcorn are not doing themselves a favor.

        The saturated fat content of a 12 ounce solid chocolate Easter bunny will eventually give that bunny a heart attack.

        Jeanette L. Brooks’ Xocai antioxidant chocolate is unique.

        Xocai healthy chocolate with acai berries actually improves your health. Yes, you heard that right; it improves your health. Xocai dark chocolate products go from raw cacao beans to delicious chocolate through a patented cold-processing method that preserves the natural antioxidants in cacao and does not require vast amounts of refined sugar to make it taste good.

        Xocai President Jeanette L. Brooks has built a thriving company that continued to grow at a steady clip as other Langley companies closed their doors.

        With Jeanette’s Xocai healthy chocolate, Delta chocolate lovers get nature’s top two sources of antioxidants, cacao and acai. With the Surrey Xocai business opportunity, Richmond entrepreneurs can enhance their income as much as they enhance their health.

        It doesn’t take a genius to see the possibilities with a Vancouver antioxidant chocolate business. There is a Xocai product for every kind of chocoholic–cookie lovers, protein drink users, chocolate candy nibblers, energy drink fans, and hot cocoa sippers.

        If you want to try a Xocai Omega Square, a Xocai Powerhouse cookie or the Xocai Activ beverage, contact me at 604.943.8598.

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          Richmond Xocai Scam Here is some great news for all Richmond chocoholics, Surrey dieters, busy Langley students and Vancouver entrepreneurs. In June 2010, Xocai (the antioxidant dark chocolate company) sponsored a weight-loss pilot study which followed 50 participants. The healthy chocolate dieters substituted 2 meals daily with the X-ProteinMeal Replacement Shake.

          The study has concluded and I am excited to report that the Xocai review results are phenomenal! The total combined chocolate weight loss was 1,569 pounds! That’s an average of 31 pounds per person! I’d like to see Delta Weigh Watchers, Richmond NutriSystem, or Langley Slim Fast users match that!

          Another key health factor is waist circumference. The average reduction for the Xocai chocolate diet participants was 5.8 inches. How many of you Vancouver boomers want to shrink your muffin tops by eating dark chocolate?

          The following information about the Vancouver Xocai chocolate weight loss plan explains some of the reasons for the outstanding results.

          • Use of a protein shake with cocoa and complex carbohydrates reduces the normal pain in the body usually experienced after vigorous exercise by people in Delta.
          • Increased levels of omega 3 assist in Vancouver weight loss.
          • Whey protein isolate is very effective in weight loss.
          • Reporting to an interactive web page or participating in a weekly call increases compliance.
          • Socially interactive Langley diet programs maximize weight loss.

          If you are serious about losing weight or joining a multi-million dollar company, contact me today!

          • entrpreneur and investor in human spirit Phil Hoskins
          • Delta, BC
          • 604.943.8598
          • Activ, the healthy chocolate beverage
          • XoBiotic Squares

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          Healthy Chocolate Shake?

             Posted by: Phil    in Health & Wellness, Healthy Chocolate, Xocai

          Richmond Healthy Energy Hello healthy chocolate friends, I am Phil Hoskins, an enthusiastic Xocai chocolate distributor based in Delta. I hold informal Xocai meetings in Delta, Richmond, Surrey, and Langley. I am excited to introduce the newest beverage on the Xocai healthy chocolate menu: The X ProteinMeal Replacement Shake.

          If you are a long-time Delta chocolate protein shake drinker, you will love the X ProteinMeal Shake. With an ORACfn score of over 50,000, you can promote cellular health as you energize! Many Xocai users have added the ProteinMeal shake to their daily Xocai plan. However, if you were only going to use one Xocai product; this would be the one! Why? Because it is a complete meal replacement. You can have an X ProteinMeal Shake for breakfast, lunch or dinner, and help your body in several different ways:

          1. You will boost your energy.
          2. You will receive a potent dose of antioxidants.
          3. You can lose weight.

          I love the taste of the X ProteinMeal Replacement Shake. Like all Xocai healthy chocolate products, it has a genuine dark chocolate flavor. If you are not a shake person but like your chocolate served in a glass, you may enjoy Xocai’s Activ or the Xe Energy Drink. Activ is a good choice for those who avoid artificial flavors, added colors and preservatives. Xocai created Activ for the ‘all-natural’ chocolate lover. In addition to cacao and acai berries, the Xe Energy Drink Xe contains wild blueberry, grape, goji, raspberry, wild bilberry, cranberry, elderberry, apple, cherry, strawberry, and boysenberry. It’s a potent energy cocktail that will open your eyelids and keep you going strong all day.

          To order the X ProteinMeal Replacement Shake, call me at 604.943.8598 or send a note from my Contact page. If you would like to sample the shake or any other Xocai healthy chocolate product before ordering, please join me at my next meeting. Call or email me for the time, date, and location.

          All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them — Walt Disney

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          Xocai Chocolate-A Sure Bet

          McDonald’s opened their first restaurant in 1940 and their first franchised store followed in 1955. They now have over 30,000 restaurants in 199 countries.

          How many people in Delta BC over the years have regretted the fact that they didn’t start a Vancouver McDonald’s franchise when the company was young or buy shares when it went public in 1965?

          MXI Corp, producers of Xocai antioxidant chocolate, is the industry leader in healthy chocolate. Though MXI is only a few years old, the company is financially sound, debt free, and growing robustly.

          MXI’s success in Delta BC is even more remarkable when you consider the Surrey economic climate of the past few years. MXI is a direct marketing company with independent Xocai distributors in Surrey and Langley and around the world. Xocai is currently the most recognizable brand of healthy chocolate and continually receives favorable press.

          I am an independent Xocai distributor in Delta. I don’t think it’s unrealistic to believe that MXI Corp. will become as dominant in the healthy chocolate industry as McDonald’s is in the fast-food industry.

          To continue the McDonald’s comparison: initially, McDonald’s did not create a new product; they sold ordinary hamburgers and fries in a new way (-the McMuffin and McRib came later). MXI has created an extraordinary new product; actually, a whole new category –antioxidant healthy chocolate.

          MXI produces food and beverages that improve your health. In fact, if you have been eating Vancouver burgers for the past twenty years, you really need some Xocai antioxidants!

          Becoming a Richmond Xocai chocolate distributor is far easier than purchasing any kind of franchise. The start-up costs are low and you don’t need to make a significant investment in inventory. Once you get going, you won’t be crippled by overhead because you can work out of your Surrey home.

          When I was introduced to Xocai chocolate in Vancouver, I recognized a sure bet. If you let this Delta business opportunity pass you by, there will come a time when you’ll kick yourself for passing it up.

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          Health Chocolate When it comes to eco-responsibility, many Richmond companies talk the talk, but do they really walk the walk? I can’t speak for all Vancouver health supplement businesses, but I can tell you about MXI, the makers of Xocai healthy chocolate.

          The business practices of MXI are beneficial to both the people involved and the land which they inhabit. Cacao, the principal ingredient in Xocai antioxidant chocolate is 100 percent ethically traded. Xocai buys cacao beans from small family-owned farms in Ivory Coast. The cacao farmers earn a fair wage and work in humane conditions. Xocai cacao growers do not use agricultural pesticides and their farming practices are environmentally sustainable.

          The other main natural ingredient used to make Xocai dark chocolate is the acai berry. MXI purchases freeze-dried acai berries from cooperative farms in the Amazon rainforest. The Acai Palm is a low-maintenance rainforest tree. Unfortunately, in the past few generations, many Acai Palms have been cut down to clear the land for cattle pastures. The recent increase in global acai demand is now promoting the preservation of the Acai Palm. Local farmers have started planting new Acai Palms on their property to increase their acai harvest. As MXI continues to purchase greater quantities of freeze-dried acai pulp, rainforest economies are reaping the benefits.

          In summary, here are some additional reasons to enjoy Xocai:

          • Ivory Coast cacao growers expanding their farms and increasing their profits from health chocolate.
          • South America acai growers reversing deforestation while profiting from an indigenous, sustainable crop.
          • Xocai can provide a steady income stream for your household economy!

          Phil Hoskins
          Delta, BC

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