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Vancouver MLM Secrets There is something special about savoring a steamy cup of cocoa here in Delta. For centuries, Europeans have enjoyed afternoon tea, a ritual that allowed them to relax and spend a few minutes with a friend or family member. You can begin your own tradition of taking a daily ‘hot cocoa‘ break, a time when you slow down and recharge your batteries.

Your hot cocoa break in Surrey does not have to weigh you down with fat and high-fructose corn syrup. Xocai Sipping Xocolate tastes too indulgent to be good for you, but it contains the antioxidants and flavonoids found in the other super-healthy Langley Xocai chocolate products.

Your cocoa break can also be a Vancouver ‘health break,’ when you enjoy a drink that boosts your immune system, helps protect you from chronic diseases, and energizes your body and mind.

When would be a good time for you to enjoy Xocai Sipping Xocolate? In the morning when you are going through your emails? While reading the Vancouver Sunday paper? When you are snuggling up with a child or grandchild to share a story or movie? While driving to your Langley office on cold winter mornings?

Perhaps you are burned out on Vancouver coffee. Try Xocai Sipping Xocolate for a healthy change of flavor. Xocai Xocolate is the ‘espresso’ of premium hot cocoa.

In our complex, fast-paced world, a daily hot cocoa break is one of life’s simple pleasures. Xocai President Jeanette L. Brooks’ mission is also simple; to promote good health, well-being, and the opportunity for an abundant life through Xocai antioxidant chocolate.

I share Jeanette’s philosophy. If the Xocai message resonates with you, let’s get together. We can talk while sipping the healthiest cocoa in BC.

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    Delta Xocai Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups Breaking Xocai News for Delta BC Chocoholics!

    As many of you MXI Corp Distributors have heard, MXI is planning on introducing a NEW Healthy Chocolate Snack at this year’s (IGC) International General Celebration in Indianapolis (June 2011). What could possibly be better than a Milk Chocolate, Peanut Butter Cup!

    Preliminary Xocai Peanut Butter Cup Facts:

    • 14 grams of Yum
    • 3 grams of Protein
    • 80 Calories
    • 10,000 ORAC (which is the equivalent of 2 pounds of broccoli)

    Winners Circle in Delta BC agrees with Jeanette Brooks, Andrew Brooks and Dan Martin (MXI Corp Executive Team) when they say “We believe it will be a game changer!”

    The Xocai Healthy Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup will boost our healthy chocolate product line and attract a whole new genre of snack craved chocolatiers! This new Xocai Chocolate will be available only to those who attend the International Convention (IGC) and only in a limited quantity (So, get there – and get some!)

    The official launch of the Xocai Healthy Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup and company-wide availability will be announced in the coming months – but the MXI Executive Team is good at surprising us – so stay tuned! You will not want to miss this Indianapolis Xocai Convention nor this amazing NEW Xocai Product.

    Go to: and register today!

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      Vancouver Xocai Growth Approaching 200,000th Distributor To my local Vancouver Healthy Chocolate Family:

      Listening from my Delta BC home last Monday night, I was excited to hear during the MXI Month-in-Review Corporate Call, Andrew Brooks, Founder and COO, announce the ‘Richest Sponsoring Contest’ in the history of our Company! MXI (Marketing Xocolate International) is excited to celebrate an incredible milestone: Reaching 200,000 Xocai Distributors in our ‘Healthy Chocolate Family!’

      Incentive #1:
      In an effort to encourage Vancouver Business Builder and Executive Enrollment for the entire network, MXI is offering its North American Distributors in Vancouver a 2nd FREE Xocai Variety Pack with every Business Builder Enrollment Pack Order (Effective Immediately – Good through April 3rd, 2011).

      Information on the Xocai Enrollment Packs can be found at:

      Incentive #2:
      The 200,000th Distributor to join MXI Corp, and his/her Sponsor, will WIN airfare, hotel, and ocean-view cabins aboard the 2011 Xocai Platinum Advancement Cruise. This is an $8,000 value! Check out more details on the Xocai Platinum Advancement Cruise by visiting

      Contest Rules:
      The 200,000th Distributor must enroll as a Xocai Business Builder or Executive to qualify. If the 200,000th Xocai Distributor is an Affiliate or Associate, MXI Corp will then award the airfare, hotel, and ocean-view cabins to the next Xocai Business Builder/Executive (and his/her Xocai Sponsor) in order of joining MXI Corp.

      You don’t want this to happen to you! However, the Sponsor of the 200,000th Xocai Distributor does not have to be a Xocai Business Builder or an Executive. If the 200,000th Xocai Distributor is unable to attend, MXI Corp will then award the 200k Prize Package to the next enrolled Xocai Business Builder/Executive and his/her Xocai Sponsor (airfare, hotel, and ocean-view cabins).

      The full details are NOW available at This website is also the location where you can view and download the 200k Race Presentations which will assist you and your teams in promoting and training for this exciting and lucrative Xocai Sponsoring Contest.

      Let’s Race to 200k!

      Contact me for more details: Healthy Chocolate Distributor Phil Hoskins, Delta, BC. Call me at: 604.943.8598 or send me an email at:

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        Delta Probiotics for Lactose Intolerant People in Delta may be amazed, but it’s true that our gastrointestinal tract is home to hundreds of different types of bacteria, each of which is constantly trying to divide and conquer.

        The ‘good’ bacteria help us absorb nutrients from the food we eat. The ‘bad’ bacteria trigger a variety of intestinal miseries like constipation, diarrhea, bloating, gas, heartburn, stomach ulcers and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

        IBS is a common ailment among Richmond women and men and a leading cause of workplace absenteeism.

        Bacterial imbalances in Vancouver adults are also linked to conditions such as allergies, depression, fibromyalgia, and chronic yeast infections.

        Probiotics are the key to a healthy GI tract for Delta people concerned about intestinal health. Probiotics are ‘good’ bacteria that are able to survive the stomach acids and bile salts on their way to the intestines where they can grow and devour the ‘bad’ bacteria. There are relatively few foods that can successfully deliver probiotics to the intestines; aged cheeses, live-culture yogurt, kefir (a beverage consisting of fermented milk and kefir grains), and miso are some of them.

        MXI Corp, producers of Delta Xocai chocolate have developed the most effective probiotic delivery system; Xocai healthy chocolate. An 11 gram Xocai XoBiotic Square delivers one billion friendly microorganisms to the GI tract.

        Xocai XoBiotic Squares are one of the only probiotic foods that can be eaten by Surrey people who suffer from lactose intolerance.

        Many Richmond people who have started eating Xocai XoBiotic Squares not only have noticed improvement in their digestion, they feel more energetic and seem to be more resistant to catching colds.

        I am Delta Xocai distributor Phil Hoskins. If you are suffering from health problems that have eluded diagnosis and successful treatment, I suggest you try Xocai XoBiotic Squares. Xocai XoBiotic Squares the most delicious way to maintain GI health. To order Xocai XoBiotic Squares or any other Xocai antioxidant chocolate product, call 604.943.8598.

        All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them — Walt Disney!

        Phil Hoskins
        entrpreneur and investor in human spirit

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          Delta Home Based Business Jeanette L. Brooks’ MXI Corp. is helping thousands of people succeed. Jeanette is the founder and President of MXI Corp., the makers of Xocai healthy chocolate. As of November 2010, there were 180,000 Xocai associates in thirty countries, some of them right here in Langley and Delta.

          Many Surrey and Richmond distributors are supplementing their salary with a secondary source of income. Some of these people have reached extraordinary financial success. Jeanette wants each Vancouver healthy chocolate distributor to succeed.

          The Winter 2011 issue of Prosper magazine reports on Jeanette L. Brooks and the Xocai Healthy Chocolate business opportunity. The following quotes give a glimpse into the mind and heart of Xocai’s dynamic founder:

          “I think what network marketing does is free people. It frees people to know that they have a chance and can make a difference.”

          “So many people feel trapped. Trapped because they are aging and don’t know what is at the end of the road. Trapped because they are overweight. Trapped financially because they can’t pay their bills. They’ve got to dream and they’ve got to get out of the box to realize that they are not trapped.”

          “What I love about this business is that women and are made equal, young and old are made equal. Anybody that can work, anybody that can have a vision can succeed in this business.”

          I believe what Jeanette believes, that any Langley, Surrey, or Richmond person who has a vision can succeed with a Xocai antioxidant chocolate business. If you have doubts, let’s talk. I am confident that I can relieve your concerns. If you join Xocai (my Xocai team), we can succeed together.

          • entrpreneur and investor in human spirit Phil Hoskins
          • Delta, BC
          • 604.943.8598
          • Activ, the healthy chocolate beverage

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            MLM Scam? Not Xocai. Does it seem like your Vancouver exercise program has lost its effectiveness? Are you trying to lose weight by working out regularly at our local Richmond gym, but have hit a plateau?

            Perhaps the problem is your Surrey diet. To successfully lose weight, Vancouver exercisers need to carefully manage their eating as well as their workout routine.

            When I discuss healthy eating with many Langley dieters, I usually hear something like this: “But I can’t give up chocolate!” or “If I work out hard enough, can’t I enjoy my chocolate?”

            That’s when I make their day by telling them about Xocai healthy dark chocolate. Xocai is the only weight-loss chocolate sold in Delta.

            Pure, cold-processed cacao (the main ingredient in Xocai) is a natural appetite suppressant. Cacoa has been used by many cultures for centuries to control hunger. Xocai uses the healthy cacao without adding the unhealthy ingredients that would sabotage cacao’s appetite-suppressant and heart-healthy properties.

            But doesn’t Xocai healthy dark chocolate contain fats? Yes, Xocai contains a moderate amount of monounsaturated fat. This is the same type of fat in olive oil; the ‘good fat’. Many scientists and cardiologists believe that this type of fat increases the HDL (good) cholesterol.

            You can see for more detailed information about Xocai healthy chocolate .

            I am Phil Hoskins, your source for guilt-free, diet-friendly Xocai antioxidant chocolate. To try a sample, call me at 604.943.8598.

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              Delta Weight-Loss Shake Folks in Delta may only think about fiber when they are feeling constipated. Keeping you regular is one of the benefits of a high-fiber diet, but not the only one.

              Fiber is important for heart health. Vancouver area people who eat a high-fiber diet are less likely to have high cholesterol levels. Numerous studies has shown the link between fiber and LDL levels. Check out the Nutrition Journal for information on one of the studies.

              An increase in fiber consumption can help Langley folks who want to lose weight. Richmond high-fiber meals have lower calorie-volume ratios; in other words, a high-fiber meal is more satisfying and you feel full longer. The Mayo Clinic says dietary fiber is essential for a healthy diet.

              Richmond and Surrey diabetics can benefit from a high-fiber diet according to the Mayo Clinic article; fiber can slow the absorption of sugar, which can improve blood sugar levels.

              The majority of Vancouver people do not get enough fiber in their diets. Highly-processed white flour products, convenience foods and fast food meals have very little fiber. It takes time effort to locate and purchase Langley fiber rich foods.

              The American Dietetic Association reports that most of us don’t even come close to the recommended intake of 20 grams to 35 grams of fiber a day.

              The Xocai X Protein Meal Shake and Activ Beverage are two delicious sources of fiber. The Xocai X Protein Meal Shake has 8 grams of fiber per serving. Xocai Activ provides 28 percent of the daily recommended value for dietary fiber.

              To learn more about these nutritional Xocai weight-loss chocolate products, call me at 604.943.8598. I am a Xocai entrpreneur and investor in human spirit based in Delta.

              I recommend Xocai because: ‘allows me the freedom of running my own business and help others in the process

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                Hope for the Vancouver Unemployed If this is your first visit to my Delta healthy chocolate blog, let me introduce myself. I am Phil Hoskins. I joined the MXI Corp. Xocai organization in March, 2008. My Xocai team is called Xocai. I am based in Delta and also share Xocai antioxidant chocolate in Richmond, Surrey, and Langley.

                You don’t need to have a sales background to have your own Xocai healthy chocolate business. There are successful Langley Xocai distributors from all walks of life. My own Delta Xocai team is a diverse group in terms of age, interests, and work history. Each Richmond Xocai team member has leveraged their unique skills to build their antioxidant chocolate business.

                What is your skill set? Is your strength being an effective communicator? Are you a Richmond project manager who is good at making a plan and systematically accomplishing each necessary step to complete it? Have you excelled at providing Langley customer service? Are you a problem solver? Is your background in education? Are you a Surrey stay-at-home mother who wants to spend most of your time caring for your children? Perhaps you are still in college; the Xocai opportunity is perfect for college students.

                If you are interested in supplementing your Delta income, I recommend building your own Delta healthy chocolate business. If you are excited about Xocai healthy chocolate and want to tell others about the health benefits of antioxidants, you will succeed as a Xocai distributor.

                Xocai founder and President Jeanette L. Brooks welcomes everyone to the Delta Xocai organization. She has a passion for improving peoples’ lives by providing a lucrative Vancouver financial opportunity. Jeanette and her Xocai product development team have done the difficult part already. They have developed a revolutionary antioxidant chocolate that is a potent health food. You don’t need to start a revolution, but a thriving Xocai home-based business can revolutionize your families’ financial situation.

                If you would like more information about the Vancouver Xocai opportunity, let’s get together to talk about it. You can email me from my Contact Page or call me at 604.943.8598 to set up an informal meeting.

                Thanks for visiting my Xocai blog.


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                  Richmond Home Business All over the world, chocolate is a consistent best-seller. Delta food trends come and go, but Richmond chocolate sales just grow and grow. In my lifetime, I’ve seen the following Vancouver food trends boom and fizzle: frozen yogurt, designer cupcakes, panini sandwiches, bagels, Jelly Bellys, and juice bars.

                  It seems like there is a new Surrey pizza trend every month. How many different ways can you combine cheese, meat, sauce, and crust?

                  Chocolate, however, is a staple like bread, eggs, and milk. There are, of course, trends within the Delta chocolate world. Some, like chocolate fountains, chocolate-covered pretzels, and chocolate covered strawberries, are still going strong. Others are losing steam; like chocolate-covered bacon, for example (did it ever have any steam, to begin with?).

                  How many global industries have such a loyal following? Even Coke and Pepsi are losing sales because of competition from energy and juice drinks. Starbucks seemed to be taking over the world in the nineties but has closed thousands of stores in the past few years.

                  Clearly, chocolate is a sure investment, but here’s the clincher; there is a high-antioxidant, low-fat chocolate that chocolate lovers can eat to promote health and well-being. Though it sounds too good to be true, Xocai Healthy Chocolate is that revolutionary chocolate incarnation that health-conscious Delta chocolate junkies have only dreamed about.

                  Not everyone who eats chocolate cares about the health risks of traditionally-processed chocolate. However, there are thousands of Vancouver people who are concerned about one or more of the following: oxidative cell damage, the heart consequences of a diet high in saturated fat, the evils of refined sugar, and the dangers of a weak immune system. As Langley boomers age, more and more are cleaning up their act.

                  When I tell my Delta Xocai prospects that they can continue to eat chocolate everyday if it is Xocai healthy chocolate, they order without skipping a beat. (I am, of course, their new best friend.) MXI President Jeanette Brooks says that the Xocai philosophy is simple: replace the bad with the good.

                  That’s the Xocai antioxidant chocolate business plan in a nutshell; replace the bad with the good. If you want to be part of a world-class organization in a recession-proof industry, call me today.

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                    Vancouver Residual Income Hello Richmond Xocai fans!

                    My Delta Xocai team Xocai is busier than ever. We are flooded with orders for the new Xocai Xe Energy Drink. Vancouver folks who get their morning jolt from energy drinks are switching to Xe and we are even winning some converts from the Richmond coffee crowd.

                    Xe is completely different from any energy drink available in Richmond and Surrey. Centered around Xocai’s proprietary cacao; the world’s #1 antioxidant food, Xe creates natural energy with a proprietary blend of antioxidant super fruits and all-natural, energy mobilizers.

                    When many Surrey people try Xe for the first time, they notice how Xe boosts their energy without sending their brain into a frenzy. Xe is not just a fuel for your muscular and circulatory systems, it also promotes mental clarity and emotional stability. What good is an energy beverage that hinders your ability to concentrate and puts your emotions on a roller coaster? Horsepower alone is not enough. The horse needs a clear head to channel all that energy into accomplishing the tasks at hand.

                    Xocai President Jeanette L. Brooks wanted to create an energy beverage that provides ‘natural energy.’ When Jeanette proposed the creation of a Xocai energy drink, she was well aware of the health risks of Red Bull, Monster and Rock Star. She knew that Xocai could do better. Sure enough, they did. If you can’t get through the day without cracking an energy drink, make sure you drink Xocai’s Xe which delivers a potent combination of natural stimulants and immune boosters to stressed-out Delta men and women.

                    Would you like to sell Vancouver’s most nutritious energy drink? Would you like to be associated with Xocai, the world’s first healthy chocolate company? My team members have diverse backgrounds, but each is finding their own way of building their Richmond health business. I can’t tell you how proud I am to represent Jeanette Brooks’ first-class organization here in Delta. Her unique vision spurred Xocai’s creation and continues to guide the company’s explosive growth.

                    Call me at 604.943.8598 if you would like to try Xe Energy or get more information about Xocai antioxidant chocolate.

                    All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them — Walt Disney!

                    Phil Hoskins
                    entrpreneur and investor in human spirit

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