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Top Business Of The Century In Vancouver

“What is the BC business of the 21st Century?” Network Marketing!

Bestselling author (“Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” “Cashflow Quadrant”) and wealth-building expert Robert Kiyosaki’s latest book is called “The Business of the 21st Century.” In it, Kiyosaki makes the case that Vancouver MLMs are the business of the century because they create genuine wealth.

Kiyosaki points out that wealth and money are not the same thing. “Money is what you earn; wealth is what you build.” The Vancouver people who understand the difference between money and wealth work to build assets, not merely earn income. A Vancouver business becomes an asset when it generates income even when the owner is not working.

A network marketing business is an asset, not just a job. Assets create wealth for Delta entrepreneurs and small business owners.

I am Phil Hoskins working in the V4M 1Z9 zip code area. I invite you to create your own wealth-building asset by joining my network marketing team sharing XoBiotic Squares in Delta and on the online marketplace.

Think about it: Network marketing in the Delta area turns something you already have (a network) into a money making asset. Here is the formula for success in Delta:

Your network + a quality product (XoBiotic Squares) + your time, effort, and skills + my support and training = an income-generating asset!

If you are an entrepreneur in Delta but your current venture is not generating passive income, I would invite you to learn more about the XoBiotic Squares wealth-building opportunity. My phone number is 604.943.8598 and my email address is

The information from Robert T. Kiyosaki’s new book was taken from an article he wrote for Direct Selling News entitled “Network Marketing: The Business of the 21st Century.” It appeared in the April 2010 issue.


X Protein Meal Replacement Shake

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Richmond Weight-Loss Chocolate Back in the day, most Delta diets were all about limiting calories. You’ve heard the equation: burn more than you consume. The Vancouver medical community now has much more knowledge about the roles of protein, antioxidants, and carbohydrates in weight-loss.

MXI has developed an effective weight-loss protocol around the Xocai X Protein Meal Replacement Shake.

If you love chocolate shakes, this may be the Vancouver weight-loss plan that will work for you. In the initial Xocai pilot study of the chocolate shake diet, participants replaced two meals a day with the Xocai Chocolate Shake.

For their ‘real meal’ the participants were instructed to eat a normal, well-balanced meal. The two meal replacement shakes contain all the protein, vitamins and antioxidants you need for the entire day. And, don’t forget, it contains Xocai dark chocolate. The chocolate dieters reported that they had energy, never felt hungry, and, best of all–they lost weight! The first Xocai Weight Loss Trial was an overwhelming success.

Here are some comments from the chocolate diet participants (as reported in the Winter 2011 issue of Prosper Magazine):

“I never felt deprived or grumpy. I felt energy, strength, motivation. I feel healthy!”

“The past 12 weeks have been an emotional journey for me, but I have made a lifestyle change for myself! I know that I will be fit for life with the help of the X Protein Wellness System.”

“The shake allowed me to stay within the guidelines of a healthy eating plan. In 11 weeks, I have lost 47 pounds.”

Some of the dieters lost 30 pounds or more. Have you ever thought of chocolate as a Delta diet food? The Xocai antioxidant chocolate shake is not a dessert. It has been carefully formulated to nourish your body and help you lose weight. When you have reached your goal weight, you can use the Xocai Meal Replacement Shake to maintain your new svelte self.

Now Is The Time To Improve Your Lifestyle In Delta

Welcome to my Delta entrepreneur blog. Today’s article is a bit philosophical. I want to talk about time. I would argue that time is more precious than almost anything else in life.

How are you managing your most valuable resource?

Are you working full-time for a corporation that may lay you off any day? Are you spending a lot of time training for a new Delta career? Are you able to take the time necessary to nurture your relationships? When was the last time (there’s that word again) you spent a whole day playing?

I am Phil Hoskins. I run a Activ, the healthy chocolate beverage Direct Sales business from my Delta home. I have been steadily building my Activ, the healthy chocolate beverage income-generating business since March 2008. Now that I have channels of residual income, the checks can come even if I take a three-week vacation with my family.

Sure, the money is great, but guess what I value more than the financial security? More Free Time. That’s right.

I am now living life on my own terms.

I spend several hours a week helping new Activ, the healthy chocolate beverage team members kick-start their home businesses. I absolutely love the challenge of helping BC people create something unique and powerful in their life.

Other than supporting my Activ, the healthy chocolate beverage downline, I enjoy a lot of time with my spouse and kids. A lot. I know few Vancouver corporate executives who have as much free time as I do.

My Delta business is straightforward and uncomplicated. I sell Activ, the healthy chocolate beverage on the internet and recruit new Delta entrepreneurs who, in turn, create a better, less hectic lifestyle for themselves.

If you feel like you are a hamster running non-stop in a wheel without ever getting anywhere, stop. Take some TIME to give me a call. There is a better way to live, work, and play.

entrpreneur and investor in human spirit Phil Hoskins
Delta, BC V4M 1Z9
Activ, the healthy chocolate beverage XoBiotic Squares


Delta Glossary of Success

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Delta Glossary of Success If you are considering starting your first MLM business in Delta, is it helpful to understand basic direct selling jargon.

Affiliate: A participant in a network marketing company. Delta affiliates are also called consultants, independent distributors, associates, and representatives.

Auto-Ship: An automatic shipment (usually monthly) of products such as Activ, the healthy chocolate beverage. Auto-ship benefits the Delta customer who doesn’t have to remember to place a new order every month.

Auto-ship makes it unnecessary for the Delta distributor to store a lot of inventory in their home.

Compensation Plan: The structure which determines how distributors are paid from their own sales and earn residual income from the sales of the distributors in their downline.

Downline: The people who make up your MLM network. This includes Delta entrepreneurs you recruited or sponsored, (your frontline) and the distributors recruited by the people in your frontline, and so on down the line.

A distributor’s downline is arranged vertically by legs and horizontally by levels. Your frontline is the first level. All the recruits under one person in your frontline is a leg.

Fast Start Bonus: A one-time compensation designed to reward new Delta XoBiotic Squares distributors who start expanding their home and online businesses shortly after joining.

Network Marketing: Any business which allows participants to sell products such as XoBiotic Squares or services directly to customers. Most direct marketing companies in Delta also allow participants or distributors, to recruit additional distributors. Network marketing is also called multi-level marketing (MLM), referral marketing, and direct selling.

Delta distributors earn income from their own sales and also from the sales of their recruits.

Residual Income: Repeating payments earned from work done one time. Some examples: a writer in Delta who receives royalties on an e-book sold on an online marketplace. A successful Delta investor who receives stock dividends. Network Marketing is one of the best ways to create residual income streams in Delta without having to invest a lot of money up front.

Phil Hoskins
Delta, BC V4M 1Z9
Give me a call about Activ, the healthy chocolate beverage


Delta MLM Secrets Welcome to another fascinating Vancouver Xocai review!

Many of my previous articles have focused on cacao. Today, I want to talk about a class of chemical compounds called anthocyanins. The acai berry is rich in anthocyanins, a powerful antioxidant. Remember, cacao and acai are the dynamic duo in Xocai dark chocolate.

Red, orange, purple, and blue plants get their pigmentation from anthocyanins, as well as the russet, gold, and magenta autumn leaves we see around Delta. It’s not hard to imagine that vibrant anthocyanin-rich foods like red bell peppers, blackberries, and purple cabbage are healthy – they appear to be bursting with nutrients. You can find anthocyanin foods in any Richmond grocery store. Just look for deeply colored fruits and vegetables such as blueberries, cranberries, currants, red onions, egg-plant and the purple sweet potato.

Active Vancouver folks who work out regularly may be interested to know that anthocyanins may reduce muscle stiffness, increase blood flow, and reduce inflammation. Delta people at risk for communicable illnesses can benefit from antioxidants because they have been shown to strengthen the immune system. Anthocyanins are also believed to benefit vision and aid in weight loss.

Xocai food scientists have reformulated each Xocai product to create the most nutritious line of health chocolates available anywhere. See to view the ORAC scores for the new formulations.

You can order anthocyanin-rich Xocai (say that three times fast!) by calling me, Phil Hoskins at 604.943.8598.

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Expand Your Delta MLM Network In ChinaAre you a rookie Vancouver direct seller? Are you successfully building your network in Vancouver and the surrounding communities?

I am a veteran Delta entrepreneur-network marketer with a booming Activ, the healthy chocolate beverage residual income business. I have been building my network and mentoring new network marketers since March 2008.

I have noticed that some of my fellow Vancouver direct sellers concentrate their network-building efforts solely on our local market. While there is growth potential here in BC, why limit your vision?

Did you know that China is an emerging market for BC network marketing companies? From 2008 to 2009, direct sales revenue in China increased by almost 3 billion dollars.

Recruiting in China does have its challenges, but some Vancouver network marketing companies have learned how to navigate the regulations and tap the market in a country that has over 1.4 billion people. (That’s billion with a ‘b’.) The United States has a population of roughly 310 million. According to direct selling industry sources, there are approximately 15 million people in the US that operate network marketing businesses. Clearly, you can add streams of residual income by recruiting network marketers in China.

If you are new to the world of direct selling, and would like information about starting your own Activ, the healthy chocolate beverage internet business, I would love to talk to you. Contact me today to join one of the fastest growing industries in Vancouver and around the world.

entrpreneur and investor in human spirit Phil Hoskins
Delta, BC V4M 1Z9
Activ, the healthy chocolate beverage XoBiotic Squares

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BC Million Dollar Chocolate Market As a Delta entrepreneur for Xocai, I use the power of direct marketing to reach BC chocolate buyers.

I believe Vancouver direct marketing is not an MLM secret, but the most straightforward and effective way to sell Xocai antioxidant chocolate to Richmond chocolate lovers and health conscious Surrey folks.

One of the key advantages of Langley Xocai direct marketing (sometimes called niche marketing) is that it allows for flexible targeting. This is an efficient and inexpensive method of selling healthy chocolate to smaller well-defined submarkets in the booming BC, national and global chocolate market.

For example, you may be surprised to learn that one of the most lucrative BC healthy chocolate submarkets for the Xocai Xe Energy Drink is Vancouver males in their twenties and thirties who drink energy drinks daily.

When I explain that Xe provides a constant surge of steady energy by promoting cellular metabolism, my prospects are curious. When they try Xe, Delta’s ultimate energy drink, they give up Red Bull, Rock Star and Monster for good. (Knowing what Xe does is one thing, experiencing what Xe does is something else altogether.)

Xocai Powerhouse cookie sales are brisk in the young mom demographic. Why? Delta mothers with young children want to give their kids healthy snacks. (Okay, some fathers care about healthy snacks, also.) They don’t want their kids to grow up on high-fat, chemically-infused Oreos and Chips Ahoy.

If you would like to learn about other money-making MLM secrets, let’s get together. My name is Phil Hoskins. I can be reached at 604.943.8598 and

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Delta Low Start-Up Cost Business Over one billion people a day eat chocolate.

Thousands of those people live in Richmond, Surrey and Langley.

This chocolate comes in all different shapes and sizes.

Vancouver specialty chocolatiers sell truffles, bon bons, fudge and turtles. Surrey convenience stores sell Kit Kat, Baby Ruth and Snicker’s bars. Langley ice cream shops carry all sorts of chocolate flavors with names like Double Chocolate Chip Mint, Chocolate Heaven, and Chock Full of Chocolate.

Vancouver health food stores sell chocolate protein bars and meal replacement shakes. Richmond bakeries sell chocolate pastries, cookies, brownies, and doughnuts. Delta grocery stores sell thousands of products containing chocolate; everything from chocolate-covered almonds to German Chocolate cake.

How many times have you eaten chocolate in the past week? If you had chocolate that would improve your health, how often would you eat it? Xocai antioxidant dark chocolate has captured a portion of the chocolate market and its sales have increased steadily, doubling every year since its founding in 2005.

However, the chocolate market is so enormous, there are still billions of dollars to be made.

How would you like to profit in Delta from a booming global market? How would you like to sell a product that improves lives, both physically and financially?

Surrey Xocai distributors are making money by selling a revolutionary chocolate product: healthy antioxidant chocolate. If you want more information about this opportunity, I would be happy to meet with you. I hold meetings at local coffee shop in Delta.

You can contact me at 604.943.8598 and

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Tell Your Home Business Success Story In Delta If you are a Delta home based business owner, you have a story. Perhaps you don’t think your story is very interesting, but I bet others would. Especially other Delta folks who would like to own their own Delta Activ, the healthy chocolate beverage Direct Sales or internet business.

Your personal story can be used as a case study in your marketing materials. Think of the memorable personal stories that could be drawn from the lives of these famous entrepreneurs:

Walt Disney (Started an empire with a vision and a small loan.)
Martha Stewart (Made DIY home decorating chic and rebounded after legal troubles.)
Warren Buffet (Where do I start?)

In addition to using experiences from your own life as a direct marketer in Delta, you can use stories about how your products, services, or financial opportunity has affected one of your customers or team members.

If no interesting stories immediately come to mind, don’t dismiss this effective marketing tool. Just keep it in mind as you go about your business in the next few weeks.

As you interact with your home business customers and people in your Delta network, something might pique your interest. Jot it down for future development.

If you observe your business interactions from a storyteller’s perspective, the marketing possibilities will jump out at you.

How has my experience as a Activ, the healthy chocolate beverage network marketer in Delta dramatically improved my life? Email me today and I’ll tell you all about it. -Phil

Phil Hoskins
Delta, BC
V4M 1Z9

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