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Richmond CSR home business If you are Richmond customer service pro, you will do great with a Peanut Butter Cups business. Let me explain.

Some Richmond entrepreneurs who consider starting a Peanut Butter Cups home business without prior business experience wonder if they can be successful.

I tell them that it is helpful to understand some basic business principles. One key principle is Focusing on the Customer Customer service specialists know exactly what this means.

Why do some online business owners in Richmond fail? They take their eye off the customer. Successful Richmond small business owners never lose sight of who keeps them in business.

It is an easy trap to fall into. Most first-time Richmond entrepreneurs start the whole process by putting all their energy and resources into the product. If they never shift that to the customer, their home business never gets to the next level. This is understandable; it is the owner’s passion for the product that spurred the creation of the home business in the first place.

It doesn’t matter if you are selling the most wonderful product in the world, if it doesn’t satisfy your Richmond customer, your business will fold.

With a network marketing business like the Peanut Butter Cups opportunity, we have eliminated this problem because the product is all taken care of. The research and development, testing, manufacturing, and delivery system for Peanut Butter Cups is in place. Peanut Butter Cups brand awareness is growing in Richmond and throughout the world as it receives enthusiastic MLM reviews and favorable media attention.

To make a Peanut Butter Cups business grow, a customer service rep/entrepreneur can do what they do best: single-mindedly focus on the customers.

Richmond veteran customer service reps: leave your cubicle, headset, and hourly wage behind and start collecting checks from your own customers. Call me today to sign up!

entrpreneur and investor in human spirit Phil Hoskins
Delta, BC
604.943.8598 phil@philhoskins.com
Peanut Butter Cups

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