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Delta Entrepreneurs More Satisfied

   Posted by: Phil

Make money fast with online marketplace opportunity There are a growing number of Richmond entrepreneurs who have traded traditional jobs in Vancouver for flexible home based businesses. I am one of the new Delta entrepreneurs who wanted to improve my lifestyle. I now sell XoBiotic Squares from my Delta home and have never been happier.

I couldn’t quit my Delta day job until I had grown my home based business large enough to generate sufficient income. I have now built a sales team (Xocai) that provides residual income every month. Some of my team members work part time but others have also ‘crossed the bridge’ into a full time home business as a XoBiotic Squares distributor.

I have a rewarding personal life that includes frequent family vacations, a variety of BC recreational pursuits, volunteer work with two Delta civic organizations, and a slew of hobbies. Now my work blends seamlessly with all the things that mean the most to me.

I have integrated my Delta home employment with my personal life in a way that enhances both.

I love being able to work whenever I want–whether it is on an early Sunday morning when the everyone else is still sleeping, or after a workout on a Saturday morning. I am not limited to 9-5 on business days, or swing shifts, or graveyards. I feel like I am channeling my energy more effectively.

I spend more time with my spouse and kids since becoming a Activ, the healthy chocolate beverage distributor in March, 2008. We don’t have to plan months ahead for vacations. I am able to attend all of my children’s soccer games, music recitals, and swim meets.

The online marketplace for XoBiotic Squares is going strong with no signs of slowing. Become a XoBiotic Squares distributor in Vancouver and establish your own channels of passive income.

Call 604.943.8598 or write me at today!

Wouldn’t it be nice to get in the best shape of your life while making more money than you have ever dreamed possible? I would like to tell you about a new multilevel marketing (MLM) opportunity. Get Fit Get Free offers you the chance to get in shape while making money.

First you sign up and complete a profile and fitness assessment. This process will determine your current fitness level, while also assessing your goals. After you have completed this portion, Get Fit Get Free will customize a workout program just for you based on the information you have provided. It is like having a personal trainer come to your home each and every day! You customized workout will accommodate your schedule and your goals, and will increase in difficulty over time so that your body remains challenged.

Featuring almost 1000 exercises, Get Fit Get Free offers you the ability to get in shape without getting bored. You can have a different workout every single day of the year.  You can also input the information about your workout, including your current fitness statistics, to monitor your progress. Get Fit Get Free will track your improvement in the form of a chart so you can easily see just how far you have come.

Interested? You are probably wondering just how you get paid to do all of this. The secret is network or multilevel (MLM) marketing. It is really easy – all you have to do is help someone else get started on their own path to fitness and financial freedom. For each new participant you help sign up to get in the best shape of their life, you will receive a portion of their start-up fee and a percentage of their monthly dues. That is it! You get the satisfaction of knowing you have helped someone else, you get to get in great shape, and you get paid while doing it!

Worried you do not have the time or money to get your own business started? Think about it this way, if you have all the time and all the money you needed, you would not have to start a business of your own! But if you are interested in how you can make an unlimited amount of cash while experiencing a type of freedom that typical Monday through Friday, 9-5 jobs simply cannot provide, you need to do this! Get Fit Get Free is the answer to your fitness and financial problems.

To get started, all you need is a one-time fee of $489 – and that price enables up to 10 people to use our in-home personal training system. You will then be on your way to getting into great shape with this MLM opportunity. After that, just a $100 per month membership fee keeps you going strong. Invite friends and family to join, and be sure to tell them about the opportunity they have to make great money, not to mention look and feel absolutely fabulous!

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How have the recent changes to Canadian mortgage lending affected single family real estate investors? The recent changes The Honourable James Flaherty, Minister of Finance, made were specifically directed to “reckless speculators”. But the new rules have impacted all the single family home real estate investors in a negative way and possibly increased the risks to banks, the very thing he is trying to avoid.

Three things have happened with the new rules. They have:

  1. chased some potential real estate investors away
  2. made it more expensive to become a real estate investor
  3. made it more risky for people to become real estate investors.

Real estate is a way many people choose to build assets and increase their cash flow. Let’s face it the stock market is not for the unsophisticated investor and mutual funds make the mutual fund managers rich, not the investor. There are not a lot of options out there.

We are fortunate to live in Canada. Our banking system is sound and survived the recent global melt-down very well. The circumstances that occurred in the US did not happen here because of our rules and regulations. Banks in the US had loans that were 100% backed by the government so they could lend money to anyone with a pulse at no risk to the bank themselves. In Canada that was not possible as we already had the 5% down minimum from the CMHC.

Real estate speculators didn’t cause the crash. It wasn’t even Wall Street as much as people want to believe that. It was the US Central Bank and the US Government that caused the global melt-down by removing free-market conditions and keeping interest rates too low.

So why does a small real estate investor in Canada have to pay for bad US economic policy? Mr Flaherty even stated that there was no clear evidence of a real estate bubble in Canada yet he still introduced rules to increase the cost of real estate investing.

I was looking at a recent property and I was declined the CMHC mortgage. They identified that I had two risky rental properties (one at 5% down and one at 20% down, I was trying for 5% on this one) and under the new rules I would be unable to qualify for 5% although a couple of weeks earlier I had and the new rules had yet to come in effect yet.

I now have three options:

  1. Come up with 15% more for a total of 20% down, bypassing the CMHC, increasing my financial commitment and lowering my ROI
  2. Come up with 10% more and find a joint venture partner to come up with the other 10% for the down payment, bypassing the CMHC, increasing my financial commitment and lowering my ROI. This also increases the cost as I now have to spend money on lawyers’ fees to come up with the proper partnership agreement as well as this has increased my risk since I am no longer 100% in control of the property. I also have the added risk of the actual partnership.
  3. Or just pass on the deal

I actually found a partner but as we worked through the deal too many questions arose so we decided to pass on the deal. Now, the rent-to-own tenant lost a beautiful house and the current owners still holds the property.

I think the Canadian banks and mortgage lenders were doing a good job of their due diligence lending money to single-family home real estate investors already. The new rules just increase the risk and cost to real estate investors. It might even increase the risk to banks as they may lax their due diligence and wind up with more bad loans just because someone has been able to come up with 20%.

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In spite of the cynicism and naysayers, the network marketing industry has boomed over the last two decades, and offers some attractive benefits for those thinking about starting their first small business. It involves little start-up cost, can be incorpororated as a part-time or fulltime career, and is open to all races, ages and backgrounds.

  • More than 13.6 million people in the U.S. participated in network marketing in 2004, and more than 54 million around the globe. The number of people involved in direct marketing has more than doubled in the past ten years; whereas retail numbers have been steady decline over the past decade.
  • As an industry, network marketing is experiencing rapid growth, with 2004 sales in the U.S. close to $30 billion and topping $99 billion worldwide.
  • More than 74 percent of Americans have purchased something through direct person-to-person selling.
  • The direct marketing industry is not affected by the same race, gender, and age biases often found in corporate America. Close to 80 percent of individuals are female, and more than 75 percent are over the age of 34. This diversity also includes a variety of educated backgrounds – from high school to postgraduate level training.
  • More than 85 percent of people in the industry work fewer than 30 hours per week.

America’s greatest fear is they will not have enough money for retirement. A network marketing home based business is a way to not give up the day job and build a nice secondary income.

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 When you look at network marketing opportunities or home based businesses, the people who head the opportunity need to be reputable and respected individuals. Mark Vincellette is one of those people. In the month of April 2010 he was recognized by the Social Register of Las Vegas, a Professional Networking Organization.

He is featured in their Platinum Spotlight. Click here then scroll down to the Platinum Spotlight section to view the article! 

It’s an honor and a privilege to work alongside Mark building the next Billion Dollar Company. His dedication to the FreedomRocks family is first and foremost in his mind. He has built a solid team of professionals to guide and people through these turbulent times and into the future.

Thanks Mark and congratulations. You deserve it!

For more information on FreedomRocks, click here.

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I have been meaning to put this post up for a while now. My wife and I both attended a Millionaire Mind Intensive a couple of years ago and I’m guessing your are wondering if the whole thing is a scam or rip-off.

First, let me start by saying the weekend session was worth the time. The Millionaire Mind Intensive is well organized, focused and really helps you to understand your personal money issues. While we were disappointed that T. Harv Eker was not personally teaching, the trainers we had were dynamic and held our interest.

The course is organized in such a way they teach a concept and then before a break, they do a sales pitch for one of the other courses they offer such as Quantum Leap, Never Work Again, Life Directions Intensive, Wizard Training Camp and more.

I won’t go into the specifics of what they teach. I would never be able to do it justice. Suffice to say, it was a great seminar.

What I will warn you about is the small print if and when you sign-up for an additional course or courses. The money back period, I believe, is three days. The unfortunate part is you may or may not know exactly when the session you purchase is going to be held … so if you can’t make that date, you lose out. No recourse, no refund. Peak Potentials will try an accomodate you once but if you can’t make that, your investment is gone.

Millionaire Mind Intensive

Oh, one last thing. You shouldn’t have to pay for the Millionaire Mind Intensive weekend course. The “Get Hardwired for Success” image to the right links you to a free sign-up. Seriously have a look and if you do go beware the additional add-on sales and make sure you can attend the sessions.

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