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Ever wonder how celebrities get (and stay) in such great shape?

How the women have children and, within weeks, are back on the red carpet

…looking better than ever?

When celebrities need to get in shape for a movie role, they don’t just go to a gym and randomly start picking up weights. They hire a personal trainer; and not just any trainer.

Many of these elite few are paid up to $500/hour and more. What do they know that others don’t?

How are they able to transform their clients’ bodies into red carpet form in such a short period of time?

It’s called XsyberfleXTM technology,

…and it’s now being offered to the world exclusively through a company called Get Fit Get Free.

All exercise is beneficial. Anything that gets your body moving will burn calories, improve your cardiovascular health, build lean muscle mass, and help you control your weight.

The breakthroughs in XsyberfleXTM technology though, take exercise to a whole new level, allowing you to maximize your results in the shortest possible time.

To accomplish this requires careful examination of the following information:

  • Your age
  • Your sex
  • Your body type
  • Your body composition
  • Where you tend to carry your weight
  • Your schedule
  • Your current fitness level
  • Your current activity level
  • Your short and long-term fitness goals
  • And, several other factors

Elite trainers take this information and design a training regimen tailored specifically for you.

No two clients will train in exactly the same manner.

Workouts must constantly be adjusted as you gain strength and cardiovascular capacity or when you need to take time off.

This technology can only be made available through an on-line system which produces workouts one day at a time or directly from an elite personal trainer.

Key exercises in each workout relay information to the optimizer which it uses to construct future workouts.

No DVD or “canned” workout program can do it.

When you’re ready for maximum results in the shortest possible time,

XsyberfleXTM  is ready to take you to the next level of fitness.

XsyberfleX“Canned” Workout Programs
Highly customized – no two people will get the same workoutsOne size pretty much fits all
Every workout is differentWorkouts are pre-recorded and don’t change
Key exercises (KFI’s - Key Fitness Indicators) within each workout determine progress and relay information to the optimizer for future useNo information is gathered or retained
Workouts are constantly adjusted as you gain strength or when you take time offWorkouts are static and don’t change based upon real life situations
Always something new and challengingBoredom sets in as the same exercises are repeated over and over
Constant gains as muscles are never used in the same way twice“Plateaus” are more likely as your body adjusts to repeated exercises

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Well I didn’t do a great job of keeping my diary up did I. I enjoyed the workouts and continues to push through them. I enjoyed the kenpo and plyometrics DVDs and “struggled” with the push-ups.

I made it into the seventh week but suffered a shoulder injury, actually both shoulders. I think this was mainly due to my poor technique related to the push-ups and the pull-ups — who knew there were so many variations. I really did enjoy the workouts and would recomend the series. I just wish I had been a little more aware of my technique so I could have avoided the injury.

You might of guessed that these P90X Diary posts aren’t recent. These P90X blog entries had been previously entered, just not published until now. I’ve been off the P90X system for a while now.

Due to the shoulder injury I have not been able to play golf. It’s also curtailed other fitness avenues that I enjoy. My wife and I have continued to walk as much as we can.

I have, however, found something new and exciting that I am going to try. I need to do something to lose the belly fat and lose some weight.

Check back for those blog entries shortly.

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This got started well. I wasn’t the madman I was for the first week. I planned on making sure I still had something in the end to be able to push myself. It’s really nice to be able to have a different work out every day.

The muscles are still sore but I am working through it. It’s nice how one day is a “muscle” work out and the next is an aerobic one. I was able to do more.

This week was a little tough as I need to take a break on day 3. I finished the Plyometrics work out and the next day everything was fine. Somewhere between walking to work (may have slipped on some ice) and about mid-day … my hip started to hurt.

I rested 3 days before feeling 100% to work out again …

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Wow, I put it off and put it off … finally I started. There are 12 DVDs in all. For the first three weeks you workout to 7 of them. The first one was a killer. I began to wonder what I got myself into. It was a Chest and Shoulder workout consisting of Pull-ups and Push-ups for one hour. ONE HOUR!

I was a superman at the beginning but at the end of the workout, I couldn’t even do a single push-up. I did not feel very well after this work out. It did take me some time to recover.

My arms killed me for the week. I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to continue but by the end of the week, I wasn’t feeling too bad. A few aches and pains for an old guy but overall, pretty good.

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Okay I broke down and bought the video series. I had to lose the gut in all honesty … it wasn’t big but it was there. I felt my over all level of fitness wasn’t too bad but could use improvement. I plan to keep a diary like this to keep myself honest with the program.

My starting weight is 180.5 lbs with 23% body fat. There’s a fitness test you do at the beginning of the workout program and I maxed out at 2 1/2 chin-ups. All the rest of the test results were not too bad … but two and a half chin-ups.

They want you to do before and after pictures, so to really embarrass myself, here they are. Hold on … here come are the before pics.

P90X has an eating program but I’m not going to follow it to the letter. I have changed my diet to something similar so I’ll stay with what I am doing. Obviously burning more calories in daily workouts will help greatly. Besides I really enjoy healthy chocolate as my treats.

Now off to the back room and work out!

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