Internet Safety For Richmond Kids

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Internet Safety For Richmond Kids

No Richmond parent wants their child to be exposed to Internet pornography, however, this tragedy occurs everyday. Why is there such a disconnect?

Some Richmond parents may not realize that their young child can navigate the computer like a pro. Others may believe that their child would never go looking for inappropriate material.

If you think your Vancouver kids are too young to worry about it, don’t be so sure. BC parents continue to report that they found out too late that their child was exposed. I urge you to take precautions now.

With Internet pornography increasing everyday and young people succumbing to this cybermonster, Vancouver parents wonder what they can do to prevent this from ever happening to their kids.

This advice bears repeating: Richmond parents should put the computer in an open area so that it can be monitored. In addition, many forms of web protection are available for free. Though it is time-consuming, Richmond parents would be wise to only allow their child use the Internet with Mom or Dad present.

Talk to your kids and ask them if they have encountered Internet pornography. Ask them what they did or what they would do in such a situation. Though this is a secondary concern: explain to them that certain web pages and ‘pop ups’ contain viruses that can damage the computer. Open communication is essential.

If your Richmond children have encountered pornography, perhaps at a friend’s house, emphasize its destructive nature and teach them that what they saw is degrading to men, women, and healthy relationships. Internet pornography is a plague with many Richmond victims, including children. It is up to Richmond parents and youth leaders to help Richmond children be safe online.

My name is Phil Hoskins and I care about Internet safety for Richmond kids. For more information about child raising topics, or to hear about a new healthy kids snack, contact me today at phil@philhoskins.com.

Phil Hoskins

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