P90X – 90 Days from Regular to Ripped

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Okay I broke down and bought the video series. I had to lose the gut in all honesty … it wasn’t big but it was there. I felt my over all level of fitness wasn’t too bad but could use improvement. I plan to keep a diary like this to keep myself honest with the program.

My starting weight is 180.5 lbs with 23% body fat. There’s a fitness test you do at the beginning of the workout program and I maxed out at 2 1/2 chin-ups. All the rest of the test results were not too bad … but two and a half chin-ups.

They want you to do before and after pictures, so to really embarrass myself, here they are. Hold on … here come are the before pics.

P90X has an eating program but I’m not going to follow it to the letter. I have changed my diet to something similar so I’ll stay with what I am doing. Obviously burning more calories in daily workouts will help greatly. Besides I really enjoy healthy chocolate as my treats.

Now off to the back room and work out!

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