Well I didn’t do a great job of keeping my diary up did I. I enjoyed the workouts and continues to push through them. I enjoyed the kenpo and plyometrics DVDs and “struggled” with the push-ups.

I made it into the seventh week but suffered a shoulder injury, actually both shoulders. I think this was mainly due to my poor technique related to the push-ups and the pull-ups — who knew there were so many variations. I really did enjoy the workouts and would recomend the series. I just wish I had been a little more aware of my technique so I could have avoided the injury.

You might of guessed that these P90X Diary posts aren’t recent. These P90X blog entries had been previously entered, just not published until now. I’ve been off the P90X system for a while now.

Due to the shoulder injury I have not been able to play golf. It’s also curtailed other fitness avenues that I enjoy. My wife and I have continued to walk as much as we can.

I have, however, found something new and exciting that I am going to try. I need to do something to lose the belly fat and lose some weight.

Check back for those blog entries shortly.

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