Prevent Sports Mouth Injuries For Delta Kids

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Prevent Sports Mouth Injuries For Delta Kids

Active Delta children are involved in a variety of different sports these days, and while this is great news for kid’s health, parents need to be aware of the risk of mouth injuries.

All Delta children participating in contact sports can reduce the risk of mouth and tooth injuries by wearing a mouthguard. Properly fitted mouth protectors can prevent broken or lost teeth as well as lip, tongue, and jaw injuries.

Kids mouth protectors come in a variety of styles. ‘One size fits all,’ boil and bite, and custom. Not surprisingly, custom-fitted mouth protectors are the safest and can be made by your Vancouver dentist to make sure your child has a perfect fit.

Mouth protectors are extremely important for Vancouver children undergoing orthodontic treatment. Metal braces can cause serious oral injuries in instances of impact. (It can also cost Vancouver parents a bundle to replace broken braces.)

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